• Working together: We believe in the benefits of a close-knit team with shared goals and values, as such we pool funds and decide on opportunities collectively to spread risk and share success.
  • Network: Our group is made up of professionals from various different industries and backgrounds, including investment banking, venture capital, software and dentistry to name a few. We aim to empower our members and create generational wealth within our group and our communities, part of this mission is achieved by enabling access to resources and information through a network of dedicated and talented individuals.
  • Education: Financial literacy enables growth and the opportunity to change our circumstances as well as the circumstances of those
    around us. We do regular sessions on subjects important to our members to elevate their financial literacy, share knowledge and provide insight into aspects of business and investing crucial to success.
  • Financial gain: We leverage our network to source attractive investment opportunities from a diverse range of industries including
    entertainment, finance, food & beverage and many others. It is important to note that the most likely result of any angel investment is failure, however, the risk of failure can be mitigated through smart investment strategies and successful investments can be extremely lucrative for investors.



A government press release dated August 2018 sited research that found black workers were the least likely of any ethnicity to be self-employed. Our focus on investing in black owned and black run businesses, is about changing that statistic and helping to build more visible, successful black businesses in our community.

Angel investing can often involve at lot of risk to capital, as such we believe any member of our network should be fully aware of the risks involved prior to investing their capital and also be in a stable financial position to do so.

  1. Self Certified Sophisticated Investor
  2. High Net Worth Investor

We meet on a monthly basis, 2-3 new businesses per month have the opportunity to pitch with time allocated for questions and a follow up discussion between the partners. If there are additional questions that arise out of the follow up discussion, written questions can be submitted and if necessary, a call can be arranged to address questions requiring additional detail. All pitch decks are provided to the partnership for review prior to the meeting and a vote will take place after the meeting and all follow ups have been completed.

What is an Angel Investor?

Cornerstone Partners Angel Network are active Angel investors, which means that we participate directly in the ‘entrepreneurial process’ by advising black businesses at the strategic and operational level, whilst also leveraging our network of contacts to make useful connections.

Each Member of Cornerstone Partners Angel Network must either be a Self-Certified Sophisticated Investor or a Self-Certified High Net Worth Individual for the purposes of the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Financial Promotion) Order 2005.

Cornerstone Partners Angel Network provide a forum for information to be exchanged between black businesses seeking funding, and the members of the group who are potential angel investors. We do not advise on the merits or risks of any given investment opportunity, nor are we authorised to arrange transactions or circulate offering documents under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000.



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