Following on from the success of our recent scale-up program and demo day we are extremely proud to announce that we have finalised a partnership deal with Tectonic London, a firm that validates and builds commercially viable digital products.

Since our inception, we have maintained that we are committed to backing black founders and black professionals, and for many reasons, this partnership demonstrates that ongoing commitment. Tectonic was created in 2017 after a chance meeting at an airport in Casablanca led CEO Nana Parry to engage in a discussion with another gentleman in the airport about building an app. The gentleman asked Nana if he had a team that could build the app, although Nana did not have a team or even a company at the time, he said yes and set about building out his team within 24 hours of his arrival back in the UK. The gentleman became his first customer.


This partnership is of huge importance to us not only because it demonstrates our commitment to backing UK businesses with black founders but also because it enables us to enhance our offering to other businesses we look to back in the future. Our services now include: advisory, funding, and now with Tectonic, validation and technical development! Cornerstone partners have acquired a valuable stake with a six figure investment in Tectonic London in order to enhance our offering and to help scale the Tectonic business (already turning over six figures annually) to one of the largest of its kind in the UK over the next 3-5 years. Please join me in congratulating all parties involved in making this possible.